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About Mems AG

Mems was established on 9 October 2003 by Daniel Matter in Brugg (Aargau). The business facilities and the gas laboratory are located on the company's premises in Birmenstorf AG. At present Mems employs around 20 employees: engineers in the fields of electrical, micro and system technology, mechanical engineering and information technology, as well as physicians, electronics engineers, laboratory personnel and office staff.

The name Mems has two meanings: Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems, on which many new sensor developments are based, and Matter Engineering for Metering Systems. The four colors in the logo stand for the four forms of energy in the metering sector: gas, electricity, water and heat.

Mems Team

We are a dynamic, independent technology company. Thanks to the broad spectrum of training and experience present in the team, we are in a position to use a technological and scientific approach to tackle and comprehensively solve the problems put to us. We develop new concepts and bring them to market readiness for our customers in the industry and service sector, as well as the public sector.