With the gas quality measurement based on the gasQS technology, continuously measure relevant process parameters on site.

Mems AG develops and optimizes affordable measuring equipment that provides you with the necessary knowledge about the quality of your gas. Thus, the full potential can be harnessed in a wide variety of areas of use.



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Grafik Gasqualität

The gasQS measuring equipment allows the measurement of heat conductivity, heat capacity and, by means of an additional flow measurement using a critical nozzle, the measurement of density. These physical sum parameters are used to reach conclusions about gas quality factors such as the air/gas ratio, the methane number, the Wobbe number or the calorific value.

No knowledge of the gas composition is required and it is fast, small and robust compared to common process chromatographs.

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Correlative measuring systems do not directly determine the output values, but use interrelations between two or several states or functions. However, these can be purely coincidental and must first be proved through causality, i.e. a directly connected cause and its effect. With our profound knowledge of the physical background, we ensure the direct connection. This knowledge allows us to simulate and determine the measurement performance without performing measurements, including in the case of new applications.

The innovative gasQS technology is intellectual property of Mems and has been an internationally legally protected trademark since 2014.


Application areas


Thanks to individualizable output values, our measuring equipment can be used in a wide variety of industries and areas of use.

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Mems possesses a large network in the area of gas measuring technology and electronics, allowing it to implement exciting projects with numerous customers.



With well-founded knowledge, we accompany your products from the idea to market launch and help you to lead them to technical and commercial success.

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