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Gas supply control for fuel cells

Our sensor enables us to regulate the fuel-air ratio for fuel cells with compensation for type of gas, thus increasing efficiency and preventing the premature degradation of equipment.

Combined heat and power units such as fuel cells will play a decisive role in bridging the supply gap from 2030, thanks to the decentralized power generation of natural gas and biogas. In addition to an efficiency of 35 to 60% in power generation, the simultaneously produced waste heat can be used for hot water and heating purposes. It is thus possible to use over 95% of the output energy of the gas.

In a gas energy conversion system the maximum power yield is only achieved with precise knowledge of the type of gas. In the case of the fuel cell, correct dosing of the necessary air quantity in proportion to the supplied fuel gas is decisive. In addition, an inadequate air supply can cause undesirable soot production in the fuel cell and reduce the lifetime.

The latest generation of Hexis fuel cells uses a gas quantity controller, which is equipped with our gasQS™ technology. This determines the necessary quantity of air for optimal processing of the gas into hydrogen, which is converted into water and electrical power in the fuel cell, together with atmospheric oxygen. Simultaneous determination of the usable energy quantity of the output gas allows calculation of the current power output of the fuel cell.

Gas quantity controller for fuel cells

Gas quantity controller for fuel cells


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