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Autarkic infrared motion detector

Independent, flexible, wireless – the new battery-run Busch-Watchdog® 220 WaveLINE.

Conventional motion detectors must be mounted in a location where ”a cable happens to come out of the wall“. The new Busch-Watchdog has a separate sensor and actuator unit. The sensor section is battery-operated and therefore independent of the power supply system. It can be placed in the exact location where it can best monitor the desired detection range and is therefore ideally suited for complex building constellations.

We developed the electronics and firmware of this autarkic motion detector for ABB Busch Jaeger, optimizing it for minimal energy consumption and user-friendly handling. The battery life is up to 10 years, depending on the type of battery used.

Der neue autarke Infrarot-Bewegungsmelder

Autarkic infrared motion detector


3D CAD model of prototype


Electronic developed by Mems AG