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Flow measurement of coolants

The static thermal flow measurement is suitable for contaminated media such as oil and water. This measuring instrument is robust and cost-efficient, with limited absolute accuracy.

Flow measurement has an important function in process instrumentation in industry. The spectrum of technologies is enormously diverse, and the measuring instruments differ in their requirements, e.g. accuracy, robustness or cost.

In this project we have developed concepts for a flow meter for tempering units in an injection molding machine. The function of these tempering units is to heat up or cool down injection molding tools by means of a liquid closed loop. The effective flow rate is an important parameter for the supervision and optimization of the injection molding process.

In this project special emphasis was placed on robustness and fault resistance of the measuring instrument, as well as on low manufacturing costs. To this end we designed a thermal measuring method with standard Pt100 sensors and the Karman-Vortex measuring method in consideration of the special conditions for use in tempering units, then tested and optimized it using CFD simulation.