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Measurement technology development

At Mems AG microsystems and conventional sensors are used for a wide variety of measuring activities. One of the greatest strengths of Mems is our sound knowledge of the physical background to sensors, which constitutes significant added value for development, as not only do the measured values have to be output, they have to be interpreted as well.

Mems has a modern, flexibly equipped laboratory for gas flow measurements, in particular also for the use of flammable gases. The laboratory is equipped with hot-cold cabinets to bring the samples to the right temperature ranging from -40°C to 180°C. Various fixed and mobile measuring instruments and flow controllers make it possible to implement experimental setups according to your needs and wishes. We will readily make our gas laboratory, including expert support, available to you or will carry out the experiments with our own personnel according to your instructions.

Mems gas laboratory

Gas measurements:Air, N2, CO2, CH4, natural gas, …
Flow:0.1 … 200 l/min (± 0.22 %)
Temperature:-40 … 180 °C
Pressure:0 … 200 bar (static)
0 … 500 mbar (when in flow)
Temperature cabinet:3 x 0.72 m3
Special features:Test bench with critical nozzles in positive pressure mode
Location:Birmenstorf AG, Schweiz