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Firmware and software development

Customised hardware solutions require specialist firmware solutions. Especially if the tasks requires us to exploit the performance of a hardware to the limit. Hence, the focus is not always on speed requirements; the design is often affected especially by the efficient use of the available resources.

Depending on the customer's requirements or terms of reference, development environments for C/C++, C# or LabVIEW are used for capturing data, controlling, visualisation, local data security (e.g. in databases) or in distributed networks.

In addition to full-fledged applications, libraries are used for interface and bus connectivity (e.g. CAN, I2C, SPI, Modbus, M-Bus) or to record and process measured values for integration into third-party solutions.

Mems AG has extensive experience from the development of simple products to very complex multi-processor embedded systems. We work with micro-controllers and DSPs from different manufacturers, with different characteristics as far as computing performance, power consumption, peripherals and model size are concerned. Upon request, we will gladly provide a detailed list of the computer units used by us so far.